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My name is Dennis Scheffler, Owner and Founder of the Healing Hands Holistic Health Center School Of Massage. Let me take this moment to say thank you for stopping by we are glad you are here. Do check out all the additional pages of our website and use the Download buttons to the left of these paragraphs to get copies of our Student catalog, Enrollment application or Elective schedule. Continue reading and you will find several important insights discussing development of the HHHHC School Of Massage.

Commitment To Instruction

Therapeutic Massage has brought many fulling experiences to my life. In these past eighteen years, I have been graciously honored to teach and learn from a vast number of wonderful students and clients. Having clocked over thousands of hours in classroom instruction, the greatest lesson I have learned is that teaching massage in itself is an art. Instructors must be passionate for the art, commited to the student, strive for expressions of quality and present lessons in truth and humbleness.

Development Of Our Program

Here at the Healing Hands Holistic Health Center School Of Massage the Myomassology / Massage Program was developed from several perspectives. Starting with the Beginning student to the Advanced student, the Instructor and the Administration. With patience, planning and perseverance the 600 contact hour program came together in September of 1998, currently giving us eleven years of commited educational service to Metro Detroit.

Affordable Financing

The Program is set up to be pay as you go so that our overhead can be kept down and the price of tuition generously lower. The upside of pay as you go is there are no loans, no interest , no problem. Once the student has completed the course and receives their diploma all income from their massage practice pays them and is not utilized to paying off a student loan for several years to come.

Beneficial Class Size

All class sizes are smaller providing for a more individualized hands on instruction. Which then produces a student with better comprehension and understanding of Myomassology / Massage. Our Myomassology / Massage Program is a well defined Holistic approach combining functional therapies from both Eastern (Asian) and Western (Standard) philosophies.

"Thank You"

Once again I want to say "Thank you" for stopping by our website. Please take a look at our additional pages and download the student catalog with further information along with the student application and elective schedule. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.